Staying the Course

25 Jun

Continuing students of the Prosopon School have asked the question “What is the next icon that I write?”  We want to learn in the progressive order of the school and move along within our abilities after writing our first icon of Archangel Michael.  Here is the reply from Olga Andrejev, Master Coordinator of Prosopon:


“In the upcoming class we shall continue our spiritual journey by painting icons. The goal of our classes is to introduce you to the traditional liturgical Christian art of icon and give you a key to understand it’s rich and deep meaning and importance in human life. Also we would like to present to you an ancient Church Tradition reflected in the art of icon which translates for us a sacred knowledge of God about the divinity and the creation. 

 The sequential progression of images for the beginning and continuing students is in the curriculum of the program of the school. It includes: 3 first archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Rafael; Guardian Angel; John the Baptist; Saints; Mother of God (3 types: 1.  Our Lady of Tenderness 2. Hodegetria-She Who Leads the Way  3.  Our Lady of the Sign ); icons of Christ. In order to follow this progression, a student has to attain a confidential state in each preceding icon of the listed above categories of icons, i.e. to be able to write it without teacher’s help. 

 For the successful teaching and learning we need to evaluate your previous attainments first, and then, relying on the average, to choose this or that image to be taught in class. If you have your previous icons photographed, please email them to us, and we shall decide which icon we shall use as a sample to study in class. All this is applied to the continuing students; the first comers will paint Archangel Michael. 

 We hope you understand the task of our study in class, which is not to paint a particular icon we like, but rather to concentrate on one image the teacher choses and become more knowledgeable and skillful in technique “of the mind, heart, and hand.” — Olga Andrejev


In preparation of our upcoming workshop October 19–24, 2015  if you have any questions about your next icon, please let us know!

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