Seeking the Face of Christ

We had the pleasure of meeting Debra Lyn Korluka at the Icon Conference last year at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts.  DebKorluka

A vibrant and loving person, when we saw Debra across the street from the hotel, we just knew she was an iconographer; I think there is a certain glow around individuals who write for the Glory of God?!  At any rate, we developed a strong relationship through phone calls and emails–sharing what we’ve learned and experienced and we invited Debra to come for a lecture during our July guild meeting.  Debra will be with us to speak about her Icon Journey (and for a book signing) on SATURDAY, JULY 30, 2016 — beginning at 10:00am and we extend an open invitation to all to come and listen to what Debra has to share!

An excerpt from Fr. Benjamin Tucci about Debra:

“Debra Korluka is a highly gifted and talented artist who has great faith in God to allow God’s radiant glory to be placed into her icons and everything she touches.  Debra has taught me that painting icons is a discipline that has far reaching effects into all areas of life.  She personally helped me to see the world from an iconographic perspective where everything that one does and sees can be transformed by God’s grace into a living icon.  In her presence, the world and all that is in it is an icon delicately placed before the Lord.  Her fluidity of hand, simple and elegant touch, and gentle nature bring harmony and balance into her life and her art, bringing glory to God with every stroke.”  We couldn’t agree more with Fr. Tucci’s words!

We kindly ask for RSVP by July 25, 2016 (please contact Mick to RSVP 410-303-2392)  Icon Guild dues are $25.00 per person with a portion going to the Shrine for space donation.  Cash and checks accepted.



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