Season’s Blessings!

01 Dec

The word Advent comes from the Latin advenio, “to come to,” and refers to the coming of Christ.  The celebration begins with inviting Christ into your hearts as we prepare for the celebration of His birth.  Yesterday we lit our first Advent candle in Mass then came home to light ours centered on the kitchen table.  The Advent wreath will be a daily reminder to live as Christ lives; a heart full of charity and goodwill, passion, unconditional love and forgiveness of our many sins.

Our meeting on Saturday, November 29 brought us together to work on our icons and pray together.  Susan brought her precious son Colin (age 8) who enjoyed showing us how to use his game “minecraft” as Susan worked on her rosary.  I hope Colin comes back to visit us, he’s not too young to start writing his own icon!

Susan and her rosary work










Laura fearlessly applied the olipha to her beautiful icon of Archangel Michael

Laura applying olipha to her icon with Trish observing

Trish observes while Laura applies olipha

Applying olipha brings the rich colors and is now ready for the last step of the icon-contemplation

Applying olipha brings the rich colors and is now ready for the last step of the icon-CONTEMPLATION!













Trish worked on her second icon of Archangel Gabriel while Mariann works to complete Archangel Michael and sweet Agnes working on paper, patiently gridding the Saviour not made by hands in preparation to paint.  The image Agnes worked from was given to my Mother, Barbara Michieli, at a workshop she attended with Vladislav in Denver, Colorado many years ago.

Trish applying bole to her next icon--Archangel Gabriel

Trish working on Archangel Gabriel

Mariann working on Archangel Michael

“I will finish my icon before Christmas!”

"Blessings to all Holy People!"

Agnes O’Keefe “Blessings to all Holy People!”













Avenues of discussion included reviews of the book “Tracing the Icons–Masterpieces of Russian Iconography from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery.”  We love the book and are happy it has English on one page and Russian on the opposite!  The book shows many photos of proper line work and the folds of robing, drawing faces and sketches of various saints.  This book is a must for iconographers and invaluable in its approach for the beginner.

We discussed so many different topics; pigment mixing, making the tempera using two different approaches 1 to 3 and 2 to 3 (so we did both with much success!) using the chardonnay from Matushka JoAnne (thank you once again, Matushka!) all as we intermittingly focused on remembering the life of our beloved and dear Theodosia who went to Our Lord on Thanksgiving Day.  We shared fond memories of how Theodosia touched our lives and how much we will miss her earthly presence at icon workshops.  For more information on Theodosia’s arrangements, please visit Theodosia is an amazing spirit!  Please keep her family in your prayers.

Theodosia Dadzitis 2/19/1950 -- 11/27/2014

Theodosia Dadzitis
2/19/1950 — 11/27/2014


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