Prayers through Pigment

29 Aug

As we continue our spiritual journey, we’d like to invite new members to our guild. Our next meeting is tomorrow, Saturday, August 30th from 12 noon until 5:00 pm. If you know of anyone who is interested in attending, please contact me.

This world we live in is in desparate need of contemplative prayer; as we are bombarded by world news and events, one begins to feel helpless in stemming the tide of daily murders, suicides, beheadings and the crushing negativity that plagues this planet. But! You are not helpless! Prayer works daily miracles that remain unseen to us most of the time. One only has to look to the Heavens to see that the clouds are being clouds, the sun is shining on all of God’s good creation and the birds are continuing to seranade us with their morning songs. Flowers show their beautiful garments and butterflies gently land on their faces. Many of my friends think I have my head in the sand … not exactly, I have my head in prayer. Daily prayer. Minute by minute, with every breath I take. To “pray without ceasing” is very real to me. We discussed this at our last meeting–how can one do this? Pray without ceasing? Thich Nhat Hahn is the one who I leaned toward, yes, a Buddhist monk taught me the meaning of praying without ceasing. Living in the present moment. Washing dishes while thanking God that we have enough food to eat to dirty the dishes. Sweeping floors and thanking God that we have a roof over our heads. Doing the laundry and thanking God that we have clothes on our backs. A job that we hold which earns us money to buy icon supplies!! There are too many positive and beautiful things going on in the world not to realize that there is beauty and peace everywhere; you just have to be still and know there is God.

So we invite our readers to come and pray with us. Write your icon in peace. Learn to live in the present moment. Prayers through pigment is a calm way to approach your inner rooms to find the Guiding Light that is ours to share.

Peace and All Good is what St. Francis was fond of saying. So peace to you and ALL GOOD!

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