Prayers and Pigment

Our May 28th Memorial Weekend Guild Meeting brought prayerful souls to listen to Tatiana’s lecture on the Lavra Caves in Kiev, Ukraine.  The Venerable Anthony is credited with founding the caves in 1051 after Orthodoxy was adopted as Kyvian Rus’ official religion;  Anthony and his followers dug a series of catacombs, where they and other reclusive monks worshipped and lived.  When the monks died, their bodies were naturally preserved by the caves cool temperatures and dry atmosphere. The lecture with photos from Tatiana’s visits to the caves was fascinating and engaging.   It’s interesting to note the mummies survive to this day and the monastery is the intellectual center producing chronicles, icons and training artists and builders.  Two icon students, Nina and Laura have been there and we all unanimously decided we would go as a group in 2017 with Tatiana as our guide since Kiev is her homeland.  We encourage all to look up the Monastery of the Kiev Caves to learn more about this beautiful and holy place.

GLORY TO GOD!  The article written by Mary Tilghman and the film by Kevin Parks from the Catholic Review was discussed as we reviewed the copy at our meeting.  What a glorious two page spread about our beloved Masters, Vladislav and Dmitri!  Mary and Kevin spent the day with us and in between interviewing people and filming, we put each to work gilding the halo on the icon for Brother Gerry.  It was a noisy and exciting day with interviews and filming and we thank everyone for their patience 🙂  We were informed on June 1st that the article has been picked up by National newswires and is all over the internet and in print by other magazines!!  It is our hope that others will join us in learning the Prosopon School of Iconology method of iconography and more prayers will be written in pigment!!

Cathy Homen, an artist in many mediums and now working on developing her talents in iconography mentioned that her  husband, Wayne is a rock hound so we’ve asked him to provide a 2 part lecture on rocks and minerals used in painting.  Part 1 will be on the various rocks and minerals used in iconography along with the toxicity of certain pigments.  Part 1 lecture will be given on Saturday, June 25th from 10:00am til 11:00 am with a question and answer session afterward.  Part 2 will be given August 27th and will focus on the demonstration by Wayne in crushing the materials discussed in Part 1 into pigment for use!  Please see the link titled “Guild Meetings” for more information within this site.

Continuing to work on our icon projects of Theotokos Tenderness, Fr. Michael stopped by to put his hand in the icon of Archangel Michael we are writing for Brother Gerry.  Various discussions took place on proper application of rosykrysh, handling the pigment on brushes and controlling the paint.

Trish brought her newly constructed pigment box made by her loving husband, Ed.  Holding the vials of pigments, we were all very impressed with his skills and though we all want one, this is the one and only time he will make them–truly a unique piece!

Rebecca and Craig worked on their icons for the rest of the afternoon and then had to leave as Rebecca was heading for her wonderful trip to Russia the next morning!!  You can follow Rebecca’s blog “Rebecca’s Adventure in Russia/journi” on  Rebecca is posting daily articles and photos and we can’t wait for her to return to show us in person!

After our meeting we took Laura to dinner at Sage for her going away dinner.  Laura will be moving to Texas very soon and we will all miss her smile and calm presence. We know Laura will continue working on her icons and hopefully stop by for a visit if she comes back to visit in Maryland!

The next meeting is June 25th beginning at 10am.  We hope to see everyone attend Mr. Homen’s lecture then continue to pray through pigment until 6pm!  Until then, God bless.


Souvenir from Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Caves


Trish and her custom pigment box made by her husband, Ed



Hi Brother Gerry!


Rebecca left for Russia the next morning!


Laura at her Bon Voyage dinner at Sage

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