November 1 All Souls Day

01 Nov

As we begin this new month, I’m remembering the people who have passed from this Earth as most Christians celebrate All Souls Day or All Saints Day.  Last night as I viewed the moon from our front porch, my granddaughter Hannah came outside and asked “What are you doing, GraMick?”  I told her I was wishing my Grandmother a good night.  She looked puzzled so I explained when I was a child and we moved from Colorado to Virginia, my Grandmother Michieli said to me “each night when you see the moon, know that I too, am looking at the moon–pray for me as I pray for you.”  It was a measure of small comfort and I practice this each night and sometimes very early in the morning, so regardless of a designated holiday or celebration, I remember those who have gone before us, in thought and prayer.

We do much the same with our icons, thinking of the particular Saint or images of Christ, we are practicing All Souls Day each and every day!  Icons are a reminder of all things holy, I suppose for me, this is the basic reason I write them?  What icon will you write today?  Who are you remembering in your prayers as you write?  Share with us your reasons for icon writing and we’ll post them if you’d like.

Speaking of interests, we had a few people stop by our October workshop and added their names to receive more information about what was going on in our classroom: welcome to our fascinating world Marie, Theresa, Rebekah, and Sergio!  We hope you’ll join us in April, 2015.  Upon depositing funds at the bank, Mikael gave us her email–we hope you’ll join us too!

October’s guild meeting brought four wonderful students travelling from Pennsylvania–Mary Jo, Catherine, Michele and Carl.  We enjoyed a visit from them and loved the new icons they wrote during a workshop with Dmitri Andrejev, Vladislav’s son and enjoyed Carl’s delicious brownies and the chocolate truffles, chocolate cookies and wine and cheese!  Matushka Jo’s husband, Deacon Laymon made the wine we used to mix the tempera and the rest, we drank!  Trish, Amy, Judith, and myself completed the meeting with Tony and Leila arriving later on in the day for a quick lesson in Russian.  We discussed the different aspects of Dmitri’s work, admired the beautiful icon of Archangel Michael Vladislav wrote during class and received deposits for the new Archangel Michael DVD that may be ready in the next 6 months.  If you’d like to reserve an advance copy of the DVD, please e-mail me (

Our next guild meeting is Saturday, November 29, 2014 from 12 noon til 5pm.  At this meeting we will mix several basic colors and practice patterns for robes.  If you have pigments that you want to mix, bring them along, if not, we always have pigments available for use.  This is what your *$35.00 goes for unless Yevgeniy comes for two hours, then he receives $30.00 per person for guidance.   *Supplies and materials ( exclusive of the Prosopon Journal or other books we have available).

Our new books arrived from Russia and we’re excited to share with you the beautiful drawings and techniques illustrated within the pages.  The language is in Russian and we’ll do our best to translate but thankfully there are tons of photos!

Have a blessed day!

Catherine, Mary Jo, Trish, Carl, Michelle

Catherine, Mary Jo, Trish, Carl, Michelle













Robe and drapery study

Robe and drapery study

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