Matthew 18:20

Flowers the size of your head!

Several years ago, one of the Friars planted two or three lotus in the pond and look how they’ve grown–lotus spread their roots deep, about four to five feet in the mud where they are nourished by all of the rich nutrients found in the still coolness of their pond.  These beautiful flowers at the Shrine of St. Anthony are in full bloom and will still be blooming by the time our guild meeting arrives on Saturday, August 31 held in the conference room from 1:00–6:00 pm.   Just as Matthew 18:20 writes  “For where two or three gather in My Name, there am I with them” so shall it be with those who gather to pray and paint together! 

Fr. Eric happily writing Archangel Michael

Fr. Eric, Director of the Shrine, had taken the 6 day icon workshop taught by Vladislav Andrejev this past May.  Fr. Eric, an accomplished artist in oils, spent the week writing the icon of Archangel Michael as all new students to Prosopon will create.  He was very taken with the process of learning the sacred practice of iconography using hand ground pigments, 24 karat gold and an emulsion made of white wine and egg yolk.  Yes, the 22 step process will capture your heart, your mind and your spirit!

Vladislav and Olga Andrejev with Fr. Eric

Vladislav & Olga Andrejev with Fr. Eric

Since that special week in May, 2019, Fr. Eric asked us to invite visitors to the Shrine to participate in our icon practices.  Each Sunday after 12 noon Mass we will have a table outside of the chapel with information and *icons (of course!)  and information about our next workshop with Vladislav Andrejev and Assistant Instructor **Tatiana Gubenko–coming back to the Shrine for our Sixth annual 6 day icon workshop May 18–23, 2020.  On selected dates (see our guild meeting schedule in this site) we will gather in the Conference Room and introduce visitors to the guild members who are excited to help new people discover the power of praying with and writing icons!

The Shrine has grown from 5000 visitors just a few years ago to 60,000 as of this writing!  So many souls to reach out to and bring them to this beautiful practice and we can thank Fr. Eric and the Shrine staff for their continued enthusiasm.  Speaking of which … Fr. Eric has most generously reduced the rate of the room rental for our icon guild down to a donation of what you are able to contribute!  No longer will we divide the cost of the room–just donate what you are able 🙂  We will have a box designated for offerings and we thank Fr. Eric from the bottom of our collective hearts!  Fr. Eric will join us for “Prayers through Pigment” when he is able–being the Director of the Shrine is a full time job but we are excited to enjoy contemplative prayer with Fr. Eric and travel on our journey with iconography.  Yes, we will continue to work on icons so bring your materials to guild to continue working; we will also be helping prospective and new students to Prosopon to learn basic techniques for preparation in participation of the 6 day workshop or to explore whether or not this is a calling they may have!

We have a wonderful schedule of activities and events coming–on 8/31 we will explore the elements of designs for borders of the icon, carved, painted or etched in the border of the board.  We contacted Christine Wagenblass who co-wrote the book with her daughter, Katherine, and though she is unable to come from New York to lecture, she is sending copies of her book!

Rock samples waiting to be crushed into pigments

Rock samples soon to be crushed into pigment

Geologist, Wayne Homens

In September, we will once again enjoy the vast knowledge of earth pigments from our local “Rock Hound” Wayne Homen.  For those of you who were able to attend a few years ago, this is a lecture and hands-on demonstration not to be missed.  Please wear clothing you don’t mind getting a little Mother Earth in the threads 🙂  You’ll want to bring a notebook too and jot down the rocks that are plentiful in this area to grind your own colors!

Pastor Julie Brigham

October brings us a wonderful and much anticipated lecture from Pastor Julie Brigham who is traveling to visit St. Nicholas and that’s all we’ll tell you–the rest she’ll relate to you! Hint–her lecture is titled “Return from Byzantium-A Focus on St. Nicholas” with photographs and a Q & A afterward.

November bring us to the Carroll Mansion where we will help children decorate paper icons for their Christmas trees.  The past few years, this activity has been a hit with over 70 families stopping in for hot chocolate, Christmas candies and fun with glitter, markers and crayons to create their decorations!

December 8 and 9 we will host a student icon exhibit in the hallways of the Shrine–all are invited to display their own icons and talk to visitors about them.  Last year was a wonderful exhibition with many visitors dropping by to admire and ask questions about what each icon represented.  Our Christmas party will be at the end of the month.

January, 2020 brings Lydia Lynette Hull with her lecture from the traveling exhibit she curates titled “Wrestling with Angels” currently on exhibit at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts until October 20, 2019.  A vast and private collection of icons by the hand of Vladislav Andrejev and students of the Prosopon School of Iconology both in the United States and Russia, this exhibit cannot be missed.  If you are not able to view it in person, Lydia Lynette has books and materials for you on the site

Beautiful Bookmarks

A must have book-reprinted for daily prayer!

A softbound book with all of the icons in the exhibit.











We joyfully anticipate all of the activities currently scheduled and will keep you advised of any changes in dates and time.  Please join our mailing list by sending us an email on our Contact Us link within this site.  We look forward to seeing you and in the meantime, have a blessed day!

*All students are welcome to come to 12 noon Mass and bring your icons to share with visitors after Mass!

**Tatiana’s website is and you can enroll in technical classes with this amazingly gifted and talented affiliate instructor of our school!

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