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Stanoyko makes beautifully hand crafted linden wood icon boards with smooth gesso applications.  This icon board designer is in Bulgaria and delivers in a timely manner and heavily packaged so no damage occurs during shipping.

Nic is a very nice young man and was referred to us by Tatiana Berestova.  Nic’s handmade boards are from basswood with oak braces.   You can find Nic on facebook too under NicIcons or or phone: 917-913-3150  or  please call prior to ordering!

607- 757-2577   or   607-754-6774  or 607- 270-0034

Pandora and iconboards have many materials, supplies and boards to offer for both beginning students up to commissioned professionals.

Italian made boards and icon supplies–fast turn around time-excellent quality! Lots of tools–downloadable PDF catalog


Irene Perez

Irene Perez is an iconographer living and teaching in Austin, Texas; she carries clayboards, pigments, gold and brushes along with other materials for iconography.

Elena Petelina

Kolomenskaya Versta — Modern Orthodox Icons A plethora of materials, reference books, brushes, agate burnishers, Russian pigments, free samples of icon fragments for use in your work, instructional videos–so much to see!


Founded by Dr. Georg Kremer, a German chemist, the Kremer Pigment company established in 1977 and stores, in house, over 1000 mineral pigments made from precious and semi-precious stones.  Carrying everything an iconographer needs–please consider buying with a guild or group of people sharing the cost.  Once you are on this site, you will go down the rabbit hole and want everything you see.  This is where you practice temperance, restraint and patience unless you have unlimited financial resources, then plunge in!  Located in New York and Munich.

Founded by George O’Hanlon and his wife, Tatiana Zaytseva in 2003 (also founders of Iconofile) A very reliable company with many resources available to artists along with video demonstrations and hands-on classes.  Timely delivery with a very supportive staff.  Also now ships to EU locations.

San Francisco, CA based company since 1995, founded by Alex Warren.  Beautiful pigments, bole clays, traditional gesso along with gold and silver leaf.  Pigment making classes available.

Developed for students by Faye Drobnic, this pigment kit contains 46 non-toxic 1/2 ounce pigments nestled in a beautiful magnetic box.  Contact Faye 337-344-7031 or email

BOOKS-POSTERS-CARDS-EXHIBIT-GIFTS or for books, reference materials, DVD’s and more!

Lynette Hull, Iconographer and Curator has beautiful books and materials for the iconographers in your life!  A must see–visit her site on or write to her

Tatiana Berestova and Dmitrii Berestov have spent much time putting together an incredibly beautiful set of icon templates.  Printed on heavy paper and placed gently in a nice folder, you can order these for yourself or friends as gifts.  $35.00 plus shipping and handling, it is an awesome deal!  Please see to view samples of the set or write to Tatiana Berestova at please put “templates” in the the email subject line IMG_7259.jpg