January Guild Meeting News

03 Feb

Gathering together for Prayer through Pigments, we enjoyed the delightful attendance of Amy with her sons Anthony and Alexander, Cathy, Carl, Julie, Kristin, Mariann, Mary Jo, Susan, Trish and Wayne.  Five hours certainly flew by quickly as we worked on our icons after Wayne’s lovely presentation of the Festival of Lights/Theophany Icon and the Four Levels of Perspective.  Though the space was a bit tight, we all managed to get some work done without elbowing each other too much which is why we are *MOVING to a larger space.

Amy applied her Olipha to Archangel Michael she had finished at our October workshop and has begun work on a second Archangel Michael for a friend.  Anthony (age 8) has been touched by the Holy Spirit and started his Archangel Michael icon later in the evening at home.  Perhaps Alexander (age 10) will also want to make an icon?  Children are just open conduits to the Holy Spirit!  We love to have children at our events and we missed having Colin (Susan’s son–age 8) with us this past meeting.  Children are the future of iconography, yes?

Mariann finished her Archangel Michael icon.  The finishing touches were placed and now it waits for Olipha.  Our newest member, Kristin brought her icon she started four years ago in Italy.  It is absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to see the progress–you’ll meet her at future guild meetings or at the April icon workshop!  Julie brought the boards we are going to use when we start the icon board making process this summer.  The boards are $10.00 and please let us know if you wish to purchase one or two.  They are beautifully routed and planed, ready for the linen and rabbit skin glue.  Carl, Mary Jo and Cathy drove down from Pennsylvania to work on their icons, we just love to see the progress they are making.  It’s always a treat to see their work and of course, Carl is the brownie making master to boot, the brownies disappeared in 10 minutes or less.  Mary Jo is a coordinator for Prosopon and a link is on our home page for the icon workshop taught by Dimitri Andrejev, Valdislav’s son.

Speaking of wood … neglecting to mention this during our meeting … our dear friend, Bill Sapp a Master Woodworker is happy to build shelves for your icons to rest upon.  He’ll custom make any size and length you wish to have, along with fancy scroll decoration or just plain.  However you wish.  With many types of wood available, please contact Bill with your ideas.  Bill’s contact number is (301) 351-1105 or e-mail him   drboxes4U@gmail.com    Bill is on Facebook under Difinitive Resources so you can see his work.

Trish worked on her Archangel Gabriel and started this after taking Vladislav’s workshop in October, she is making beautiful progress.  Trish and her husband operate the Emmaus Center and just recently moved into their larger space in Glen Burnie.  If you have clothing or unopened toiletries to donate for homeless people that stay at Emmaus Center, please e-mail Trish trgaff@gmail.com  Susan finished her etching and just recently received a commission to write an Ethiopian icon for a family–go Susan 🙂  Wayne began his Archangel Gabriel and finished applying the bole and gold, it is going to be amazing!

*We will now hold all Archangel Michael icon guild meetings at The Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City, MD  (www.shrineofstanthony.org) beginning FEBRUARY 28, 2015.  The times have also changed, we’ll meet from 1pm to 6pm as the Shrine offers daily Mass at 12 noon, giving participants time to attend Mass should they desire prior to working on icons.  After our meeting closes at 6pm, those who wish may follow us to Great Sage vegetarian Restaurant for dinner (www.greatsage.com).  The entrees are reasonably priced (ranging from $6.00–$15.00) and delicious! 

Three more students signed up for our April icon workshop and if you haven’t signed up, please reserve your seat soon, this workshop is wonderful and seats go fast.  We sold three Prosopon DVD’s and 10 Archangel Michael Beginners Icon booklets.  Though the Archangel Michael DVD Yevgenyi filmed during the October workshop is not yet finished, as soon as it’s available, we’ll let everyone know.  The cost of the booklet is $25.00. Email us for details.  We are very blessed and honored that Vladislav wrote the Archangel Michael during the workshop and Yevgenyi filmed it for release.  Thank you to Wayne Hajos for giving us a beautiful devotional lamp in which to place in front of the Archangel Michael icon while we write.  The lamp and the icon will be at the February guild meeting.


Amy with sons, Anthony (L) and Alexander (R)

Watching patiently, Anthony and Alexander are entranced watching Mom, Amy, apply Olipha


Then, wanting to try themselves, both boys apply Olipha


Anthony is loving this process!


Alexander gives it a try!

Amy and Olipha

“I just love how the oil brings the richness of the colors to the icon!” Amy


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