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17 Jul

The 9th International Conference of Iconographic Studies “Icons and Iconology” held at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts — took place June 11–13, 2015. Archangel Michael Icon Guild members Tatiana Gubenko and Mick Beasley registered for this conference and we are still on Cloud Nine from our wonderful, amazing and intellectually stimulating conference! 1-The Beginning of Mori-22-The Beginning of Mori-1

Arriving a day prior to the event, we had the opportunity to see the icons of St. John the Baptist and St. George on loan from the British Museum and with permission, photograph these beautiful treasures (apologies for the glare but many are encased in glass).
St. John the Baptist St. John2
St. GeorgeSt. George2
The conference opened Friday morning with a presentation from keynote speaker, Engelina Smirnova, Professor of Art History, Moscow State Lomonosov University and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Art Studies, Moscow:  “Images of the Mother of God and Saints from the British Museum Collection.”  

3-Gordon Lankton

Gordon Lankton, Founder of MORI

4-Ken and Raoul

Raoul and Ken


Ken, Engelina and friend, Raoul

After a short break the day was filled with lectures and presentations from the speakers listed on MORI’s website (www.museumofrussianicons.org) including our beloved instructor, Vladislav Andrejev and his son, Nikita presented  “Theological and Philosophical Reception of Icons”.
All of the speakers were amazing, though we had two other favorites who stood out–Dmitry Antonov (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow)  Hieromonk Silouan (Holy Cross Monastery in New York).
The icons and artifacts on loan to MORI from the British Museum are on display until September 12, 2015; in the meantime, feast your eyes on the photos we’ve taken of a few of the beautiful work at the museum! We are looking forward to the next Icon Conference in 2016 and hope many of you will come with us, it’s an experience to be lived over and over again.


Nikita Andrejev

7-Vladislav and Nikita

Vladislav and Nikita Andrejev


Hieromonk Silouan


Dmitri Antonov

StPareskevaMother of God-2IconPhotos-20 IconPhotos-13 IconPhotos-12 IconPhotos-11 IconPhotos-9 iconPhotos-6 IconPhotos-3 IconPhotos-1 Alonya Icon-7

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