Humble Practice

“What is true humility and why should we make it a characteristic mark of our life and action?  True humility is not feeling bad about yourself, or having a low opinion of yourself, of thinking of yourself as inferior to others.  True humility frees us from preoccupation with ourselves, whereas a low self-opinion tends to focus our attention on ourselves.

Humility is truth in self-understanding and truth in action.  Viewing ourselves truthfully, with sober judgement, means seeing ourselves the way God sees us (Psalm 139:1-4).  A humble person makes a realistic assessment of him/herself without illusion or pretense to be something he or she is not.  The humble regard themselves neither smaller nor larger that they truly are.

Lord Jesus, you became a servant for our sake to set us free from the tyranny of sin, selfishness, and conceit.  Help us to be as humble as you are humble and to love freely and graciously all whom you call us to serve.” — Excerpted from Daily Gospel Readings

And this is why we pursue the practice of iconography — one is not only humbled inside of themselves but truly puts the icon in the front of them as this window into Heaven, which is a truly humbling experience in itself!  Praying continuously throughout the process and not thinking of who is better or who is worse at this practice;  not worrying about what our neighbor is doing but sitting quietly with each other to serve each others needs and to continue to learn.  We come together to shore each other up and to storm the Heavens with our prayers for this world; a community of kind souls who care about all of God’s Creation.  Join us!

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