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29 Sep

We sincerely appreciate all who drive near and far to come together to pray and work on icons!  Since our first meeting several months ago, we have met many lovely people who all share the same desire–more prayer!  More creativity! More education!  More workshops!

Our invitation to have the Stafford and Williamsburg Icon Guilds join for discussion and inclusion in this site have proved fruitful indeed.  Matushka JoAnne Laymon has shared many insightful tips; using a heat lamp to help dry bole during humid days, working with vodka and gold leaf to help stubborn gold leaf adhere, and a myriad of treasures we’ll share at a later point in time!

Christine Janke from the Williamsburg Guild sent us along to see the beautiful icon room at the Marjorie Merriwether Post Mansion, Hillwood Museum and Gardens in Washington, D.C. and offered links to books available from Russia.  Of course, one can never have enough books so we will be kept busy this coming winter reading them.

During our September meeting, we discussed how each of us can become more involved.  Jo Richards suggested we designate 30-45 minutes on a demonstration of a technique that students may or may not know of:

  •  One of those techniques, offered by Jo, is using a stout beer boiled down to make an assist for using gold in the wings of angels and smaller areas.  This idea sounds better than using chickory that none of us can seem to find, even in health food stores!
  •  Julie Brigham has found a woodworker who has made boards for us at a cost of $10.00 each.  These are to be used in our icon board making class once we have the rest of the materials in hand.
  • Rena Brescia mentioned using Bon Secour in Marriottsville, MD as a retreat designation for another workshop, it is a lovely place that has 70 rooms and large conference rooms, we are looking into that idea this week!
  • Mick Michieli-Beasley mentioned the icon carving workshop taught by Jonathan Pageau that is already booked for June 8–13, 2015 at the Shrine of St. Anthony.  Upon further securing of materials and fees, we will post it on our site as soon as we have the final cost to make a downloadable registration form.
  • Tony Chalk found some lovely scribing tools at Michaels for $7.00, they are comfortably knurled to prevent slippage during the engraving process.  Tony also found some very nice graphite pencils that are perfect for use in the tracing process, also from Michaels.
  • Leila Chalk can and will order books from Russia as she has developed a relationship with Elena Petelina from Versta books who just had a new baby!  We are in book buying mode so let us know if there is something you wish for St. Nicholas to bring you for Christmas!
  • There is probably more that I didn’t write down and have forgotten, but let me know if I missed anything and I’ll share it  E-mail me:

We are grateful indeed to the many who are called to this journey of “prayers through pigment” and would like to take this opportunity to share their stories with you under the link titled “Guild Members” :

Matushka Jo Laymon, Susan Schaeffer, Karen Parli, Julie Brigham, Jo Richards, Barbara Hancher, Tony & Leila Chalk, Rena Brescia, Tatiana Gubenko, Trish Gaffney, Laura Pacha and Mick Michieli-Beasley.    Each of us brings a unique perspective, living libraries if you will, as each has knowledge to share from their own experiences on this path.  We invite you to come along with us–no experience is necessary–if you can pray and hold a paintbrush, you can write an icon!


Hillwood Garden

One of the icons from the Merriwether-Post collection in Washington, D.C.


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