Feed thy Soul

FullSizeRender (22)Upon rising each day, all glory and praise is given to God for blessing us with another day on Earth; to pray, to paint and to love one another unconditionally.

This morning’s prayer reflection “Oh my Jesus, with bleary eyes and sluggish stride I shake off the night and begin this day.  I am blessed to start by seeking your presence in prayer.  May reflection and prayer allow me to see you more clearly, walk with you more confidently and bring others with me as I journey closer to you today. Amen”

This reflection brought a myriad of thoughts on putting the words into practice for today; “get to your art room and pray!” is the thought that spoke the loudest–to paint at least one hour before engaging in the tasks that generally deter me from beginning each day with painting.  Is not brush to board an active method of prayer?  Of course it is!  Why this has taken me so long to realize the very act of praying with your icon is the best way to begin each day–adoration, contrition, forgiveness and petitions all rolled into one committed hour before going to work!

For students of iconography who do not earn their living from commissions, we bemoan we haven’t enough time to paint and many of us have several (many!) icons that were started with the best of intentions to complete before moving to the next image. Our mornings begin with “sluggish strides” and the clock ticks away pushing our window of opportunity to create right out the front door and into morning rush hour.

Today is the day I invite you to join me in starting each day with this contemplative form of prayer.  Refresh, renew and exult in the glory that you are walking confidently with God and bring others with you in prayer as you journey from the earthly realm into the heavenly.  Not only will you finish the icons begun with such enthusiasm but you will find the peace necessary to calmly approach the many challenges of the day.

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