February News

So many good experiences on the road of our Icon Journey and accept our apologies for not sharing much sooner.  Our Icon Guild Meeting is coming up on Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 1:00pm to 6:00pm at the Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City, MD.  Visit the website of St. Anthony(shrineofstanthony.org) if you need directions–all visitors are welcome and we’ll introduce you to the beloved practice of iconography.

January, 2016 we met inside of Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Linthicum, MD.  Hosted by Craig and Rebecca, we had a wonderful time with the members that came in from the frozen tundra that Maryland had become; snow drifts and street parking compromised attendance but seven of us made it from the warmth of our homes to the warmth of Holy Cross.  Such a beautiful and inviting stone church with the interior painted by Iconographer Seraphim O’ Keefe, it is a sacred delight to experience!


Interior by Seraphim O’Keefe


Beautiful work by Seraphim O’Keefe


Seraphim O’Keefe


Cathy making egg emulsion for the first time


Craig with his son, Peter


Rebecca focused


Our smiling Julie


Laura working hard

The bookstore at the church has a wonderful selection; most of Frederica Mathewes-Green books can be found here and  great cookbooks, one in particular we found to be in high demand titled “When You Fast-Recipes for Lenten Seasons” by Catherine Mandell–we bought all that were in stock!  We will hold our MARCH 26, 2016 Icon Guild Meeting at Holy Cross and cordially invite you to join us.

February 6-7-8 brought Dmitri Andreyev for a 3 day Intensive Open Studio held at the Shrine of St. Anthony.  Serendipity held true to its form as Julie and I had gone a few days prior to visit the Center for Byzantine Material Arts to see Wayne and Colette for a lecture and lo and behold–the gift shop held many pigments from Russia, rabbit skin glue and marble dust.  We decided to buy all in stock in anticipation of someday learning how to make boards–Dmitri surprised us all by telling us we could do this during open studio!  After Morning Prayer we made our boards and the rest of the day received one-on-one undivided attention on our icons from Dmitri.  We love open studio and plan on more in the future as we view this time as little bridges to week long icon workshops!  We will keep you updated on the next open studio/intensive as soon as one is on the schedule.


The Master Mixer


Tatiana placing the linen on her board


Laura and her linen application


Boards drying


Deko and Rebecca listen attentively to Dmitri’s guidance and advice


Julie is a night owl!


Rebecca completed Archangel Gabriel at open studio


Tatiana writing St. Luke


Craig and Trish


Craig with Dmitri

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