Dmitri Andreyev Intensives

FullSizeRender (23)” A skill is a practice” — Dmitri Andreyev

And practice we did!  We had so much fun gathering together in New Freedom, Pennsylvania with Mary Jo Fero and the members of the St. Francis Icon Guild to learn from Dmitri Andreyev.  Labor Day weekend was the perfect way to end the summer with a three day intensive to practice and develop skills in light and color.  The large and airy space of St. John the Baptist Church parish hall is a beautiful area and allowed for all to peacefully practice in the comfortable surroundings, not to mention the members of St. Francis prepared lunch each day to sustain us.

Beginning each morning with practice on sample boards of robes and listening to Dmitri’s lectures on capturing the shapes desired of this practice, we were allowed to photograph the amazing samples of Dmitri’s study sketches (for students personal use) showing the crystal highlight techniques developed by Vladislav.  Every day was met with excitement to continue to learn and listen to Dmitri discuss the many aspects of iconography.  It is always a good idea to remember to bring a notebook and a camera!  We value these intensives as we have stated before; they are little bridges in between week long icon workshops.

The next full week long icon workshop in Maryland with Vladislav Andrejev and Dmitri Andreyev is October 17 through October 22, 2016!  Click here for  the registration form found under the link “Workshops and Events” where you can download and print the form to mail to Mick Michieli-Beasley.  The address to mail the deposit is on the form and this workshop fills up quickly as we delight in bringing students together for this contemplative form of prayer.   Deadline for registration for the Maryland workshop is October 1, 2016.

Father and son are hard working Master Iconographers, their energy is boundless as they travel extensively to teach the Gospels in light and color throughout the United States and abroad.  The Maryland workshop is held at the Shrine of St. Anthony is Ellicott City, MD where students can travel the many pathways on lunch breaks or sit by the big lotus pond.  It is a very serene place, most conducive to prayer and calming!

After posting on social media, many inquiries came as to where and when Dmitri would be holding the next intensive or workshop — October 10 through October 14, 2016 —  Dmitri will be working with students on the icon of St. Michael the Archangel holding a sword.  We hope you will be able to join in continuing education in the Prosopon School and you can view the full schedule of worksops ande intensives by visiting the website  to reach Dmitri directly for more information.

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