Deb Korluka

11 Sep


Deb Korluka

1 book $55.00 or 2 books for $85.00

During our visit to the Icon Conference held at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts, we had the opportunity to meet iconographer, Debra Korluka.  We saw her standing across the street while we were waiting to cross over the road and we knew in our hearts that she too, was traveling the road of the Icon Journey.  It must be the Light of Christ that beams from the soul that reveals kindred spirits.  After much conversation and a relationship that developed from this first meeting, we are delighted to share Deb’s journey with you.

Deb was born and raised in the Russian Orthodox Church in America.  The past 25 years have been devoted to art, fifteen of those years specifically to iconography.  She was invited to be an author of her own album of works into a book containing 129 full color images and stories about her journey in iconography.  This book is the fruit of Deb’s many years of labor, the result of her sincere and deeply personal search for Jesus.

“Through the holy images, I entered the road of an on-going discovery of this mystical, sacramental vision.  The lives of the saints taught me that growth and wisdom experienced through suffering opens us to the source of life and love.  Love is life itself, since “God is Love” (1 John 4:8).  When the soul is purified in the trials of our lives, we become prepared to receive our beloved Lord Jesus Christ.  It is through my icon painting, that my pilgrimage is expressed as a transformative journey embracing joy and fortitude, a dialogue seeking the Face of Christ in every individual that I encounter.  It is my hope that this book will serve the readers and beholders as a helpful instrument equipping them on their pathway into the depths of knowledge and heights of the Spirit, fully expressed even in the most unassuming icon.” ~ Debra Korluka

Debra has traveled to Russia and Ukraine extensively for the study of iconography in both technique and historical significance.  Learning under various instructors in Russia, particularly students of Fr. Xenon and influenced by practitioners of iconography in the United States, Vladislav Andrejev of the Prosopon School (NY) and Philip Zimmerman of the Antiochian Village (PA).  She continues to seek her life in Christ through her work and travels.

Deb and her husband, Alex have two children (a daughter and a son) and live on their farm in Minnesota with seven horses, two dogs and various wild animals that visit their home; her life with horses offers her a greater experience to connect with God’s creation.  Speaking of God’s creation, the couple is expecting their first grandchild in November!


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