Crafting Your Icon Board

29 Jul

During our last guild meeting we discussed the possibility of crafting our own icon boards.  Understanding the process is time consuming and rather smelly, we embraced the idea as many of us who love the creative process felt the desire to start at the very beginning of making the icon, creating the board.

Lindenwood, poplar and birch being the oft used wood for making a board; bear with me as I gather the necessary materials for this project–wood, chalk, rabbit skin glue and linens.  I’m hoping that all the necessary items will arrive in time for our next guild meeting Saturday, August 30, 2014?  If not then we can decide upon a mutually convenient time for members to gather together and begin this laborious project.

The cost of the icon board project is yet to be determined, but if you have any interest please let me know!


4 Responses to “Crafting Your Icon Board”

  1. Faith July 29, 2014 at 8:43 am #

    Congrats on a great success. God is good. I look forward to the board making. Many blessing to this Holy endeavor. Peace!

  2. Monica Pappas July 29, 2014 at 12:35 pm #

    Yay. Finally got into the website. Yes again I’m interested in making the icon board. Incidentally I have all the ingredients because I had been planning to do this myself except for the board.

    But I don’t want to complicate the project with my ingredients. So I’ll be happy to use mine at home.
    Looking forward to it.

    • Mick Michieli-Beasley July 31, 2014 at 8:57 am #

      We are all looking forward to this experience Monica! Still working on the logistics but we’ll keep everyone updated! Have a blessed day!

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