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Upcoming Prosopon School of Iconology Workshops

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Vladislav with Fr. Julio

Vladislav with Fr. Julio               
Oct. 2014 icon workshop               

St. Nicholas is Coming!

01 Dec

  Student Exhibition and More! Join us at the Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City, MD Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9th from 11:00 am til 7:00 pm.  We will enjoy two day of Prayer and Practice and will be exhibiting students icons in the Kolbe Room and using the halls to exhibit […]

Fall Updates

29 Oct

Such a beautiful Fall and we are back from our working vacations;  Tatiana returned from a wonderful workshop with Vladislav in Kiev and Mick has returned from a wonderful visit with her two favorite icons–Mom and Dad!  We held our guild meeting on Sunday, October 28, from 12 Noon until 6/7 pm and continued working […]

August, 2018

20 Aug

Summer is nearly over but we’ve been so busy with classes, icon retreats and meetings that we’ve not made the time to post on our site.  Our next meeting is August 26, 2018 and a few of us will begin the icon of St. Nicholas–another date for September 2, 2018 is scheduled to continue St. […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

12 May

The annual Prosopon School of Iconology workshop with Vladislav Andrejev was held this past April 23–28 and we were blessed with such good weather we almost moved outdoors!  So many good experiences writing the icon of Archangel Michael Archistrategos with intermediate and advanced students as the new students focused prayerfully on their Archangel Michael.  We […]

Archangel Michael and the Apocalypse Icon

14 Feb

We are presented with a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding  and appreciation of Archangel Michael by writing the icon of Archangel Michael on his Red Horse for our upcoming Prosopon School of Iconology 6 day Icon Workshop with Master Iconographer and Founder of the school, Vladislav Andreyev.  Tatiana Gubenko will be assisting to Vladislav. […]

Glorious 2018!

03 Jan

Such a beautiful and special time of year–the celebration of the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We were pleased to honor this season with our last icon practice of 2017–Saturday, December 30th, 2017.  Though many were busy with holiday preparations, we made time to finishing an icon (or two, or three…) is […]


21 Sep

OPPORTUNITY FOR FINISHING ICONS under the direction of master iconographer Dmitri Andrejev Download This Page Just in time for All Saints’ Day bring your unfinished icons for a three day finishing workshop.  All those saints and angels can be finished, oiled and blessed this year.  I am really looking forward to accomplishing this challenge.   […]

Words Create Community

06 Sep

“The word is always a word for others.  Words need to be heard.  When we give words to what we are living, these words need to be received and responded to.  A speaker needs a listener.  A writer needs a reader.  When the flesh – the lived human experience – becomes word, community can develop. […]

Prayers and Practice

13 Jun

Yes, we are still here!  I know its been awhile since our last note but we’ve been very busy working and planning events for you to enjoy!  Many of us gather together to paint during the week and some Sundays.  If you’d like to join us, please contact Mick on 410-303-2392 and we can let […]

Opportunities to Learn

15 May

We are deeply grateful for the opportunities to continue learning the technical and theological aspects of the writing of the icon. This past April 24–29, 2017 we experienced again, the luxury of uninterrupted prayer and practice taught by Master Iconographers Vladislav Andrejev and his son, Dmitri Andreyev. We learned the historical significance of Moses and […]

East and West Celebrate

06 Apr

Ukrainian Easter eggs are known in the Ukrainian language as psanky.  Psanka comes from the Ukrainian word pysaty, which means “to write.”  The Ukrainian people have been decorating eggs for thousands of years and when Christianity came to the Ukraine in 988AD, (pagan) springtime festivities became Easter celebrations symbolizing the Resurrection and a promise of […]

Snail’s Pace

14 Mar

Fostering a daily practice of spiritual calm where God is at the center of each day during this time of self reflection, forgiveness and reconciliation, can bring another aspect into your practice of icon writing (for me anyway) — slowing down.  One of the best books I have encountered is titled “The Sound of a […]

Forty Days

01 Mar

The next forty days can define a change of character.  Fasting and prayer are important aspects of the Lenten Season but also deeply examining who we are as people –as Christians– gives us the opportunity to reflect how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us as followers of Christ. As a child, my family […]

February Prayer & Practice

27 Feb

Wayne Hajos delivered his lecture on the various considerations prior to beginning the icon; who is the icon for? Why Saints names are never abbreviated?  Why size, kerning and weight matter but most importantly–without the lettering to identify the Saint the icon is just an image, while naming the icon enables one to venerate the […]

Lettering Class with Wayne Hajos

20 Feb

Iconographer Wayne Hajos presents a lettering lecture and practice class Saturday, February 25, 2017 11:00am til 1:00 in the Kolbe Room located inside the Shrine of St. Anthony 12290 Folly Quarter Road in Ellicott City, MD Learn how to space, stack and tuck lettering within the icon.  Wayne will lecture on the different font styles […]

Love One Another

14 Feb

You have blessed us, Lord, with gifts of friendship, peace, serenity and love as we work together to praise you.  On this St. Valentine Day, we pray all readers to love one another as the Lord loves us. On Sunday, February 12–we gathered to finish work to begin anew. Iconography is a constant process, transforming […]