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Slavic Heritage Festival

04 Oct

The month of October brings many communities together to celebrate Fall with sharing in the bounty of the Lord.  We are excited to attend the Slavic Heritage Festival where you can purchase lovely arts and crafts, enjoy ethnic foods, listen to music and view the fantastic dancers from the Kalinka Russian Dance Company and the […]

A Glorious Gateway to October’s Events

03 Oct

  “Today we see the iconographers!” This is from my four year old grandson, Caleb–affectionately known as “Buglet.”  Caleb loves icons and I wish you could hear him say “Holy Theotokos” with his slight lisp–adorable!  It warms our hearts when small children learn about icons and seem to have an innate knowledge as to what […]

Fall Festivities

23 Sep

We all welcome the cooler weather and Fall brings out many festivals to celebrate the season!  Posted below are activities our icon guild will be a part of: Icon Guild Meeting, Saturday, September 24, 2016 11:00am til 6:00pm this month we will meet in the home of Tom and Mick — please see email notice […]

From Rocks to Riches

31 Aug

Our icon guild meeting in August featured Part Two of geologist, Wayne Homens discussion of the toxicity of pigments.  Samples were brought in for identification and then grinding the matter into usable pigments.  Safe to say this presentation was a smash hit–no pun intended! Wayne focused on the toxicity of rocks, gems and minerals used […]

Feed thy Soul

02 Aug

Upon rising each day, all glory and praise is given to God for blessing us with another day on Earth; to pray, to paint and to love one another unconditionally. This morning’s prayer reflection “Oh my Jesus, with bleary eyes and sluggish stride I shake off the night and begin this day.  I am blessed […]

Prosopon Article in the Catholic Review now National News!

02 Jun

Our phone is ringing off the hook with people wanting copies of the article written by Mary Tilghman and filmed by Kevin Parks, both of the Catholic review.  As of June 1st, the article has been picked up by the National newswires!  We’ve reprinted the article here verbatim though the photos are different from the ones […]

Prayers and Pigment

02 Jun

Our May 28th Memorial Weekend Guild Meeting brought prayerful souls to listen to Tatiana’s lecture on the Lavra Caves in Kiev, Ukraine.  The Venerable Anthony is credited with founding the caves in 1051 after Orthodoxy was adopted as Kyvian Rus’ official religion;  Anthony and his followers dug a series of catacombs, where they and other reclusive monks worshipped and lived.  […]

Seeking the Face of Christ

19 May

We had the pleasure of meeting Debra Lyn Korluka at the Icon Conference last year at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts.  A vibrant and loving person, when we saw Debra across the street from the hotel, we just knew she was an iconographer; I think there is a certain glow around individuals […]

April Icon Workshop

04 May

What a wonderful gift to have Vladislav Andrejev and Dmitri Andreyev come to teach us once again!  During this workshop we enjoyed showing Mary Tilghman and Kevin Parks the joy of iconography; both photo journalists from the Catholic Review assisted in breathing gold onto the icon of Archangel Michael icon we are making for Brother […]

Leaping into March

29 Feb

We were blessed with everyone’s presence on Saturday as our special project began–group participation in making an icon of Archangel Michael for Brother Gerry.  After 15 years of service to the many visitors to the Shrine of St. Anthony, Brother Gerry is leaving March 5, 2016. Thousands of people over the years requested prayers from […]