April Showers Bring May Flowers

The annual Prosopon School of Iconology workshop with Vladislav Andrejev was held this past April 23–28 and we were blessed with such good weather we almost moved outdoors!  So many good experiences writing the icon of Archangel Michael Archistrategos with intermediate and advanced students as the new students focused prayerfully on their Archangel Michael.  We welcome Donna, Lillian and Ruth to the Prosopon School; all three women enjoyed the lectures and first experience writing icons and hunger for more so they’ve joined our guild!

Algerina Perna, a journalist from the Baltimore Sun newspaper, was on hand for three days to interview Vladislav and Olga and a few of the students.  Algerina will join us one day to write an icon too–she thoroughly enjoyed her time spent at the Shrine of St. Anthony listening, watching and videotaping the processes used in iconography.

Here is a link to the article and the online video:


The online link may change as the days go by but if you miss this link, you can use the search words “Algerina Perna Icon Baltimore Sun” and will always be able to find the article and video.  Thank you, Algerina and we’ll see you sitting in rapt attention at your table with your own icon in progress!

We celebrated the birthdays of Tatiana, Olga and Vladislav, who welcomed his 80th year of living in God’s word.  Vladislav smiled as he stated that he has hopefully written enough Archangel Michael icons as little steps to Heaven in his 80 years, then taking the big kitchen knife with one fell swoop, cut the birthday cake in half–a veritable icon samurai, he is!  We are continually blessed that he comes to visit with us and teach his method of iconography.

Along with the birthday festivities, we held a going away party for guild member Susan Schaeffer with a beautiful luncheon on the final day of class.  Susan will be moving to South Carolina with her family and as soon as she is settled, will have our guild to visit to keep her hand in the icons–hopefully close to the beach and maybe outside?  Taking her gift of gerbera daisies with her, we know she will bloom where she is planted 🙂

We also toasted the addition of the new Prosopon Instructor–Tatiana Gubenko to our beloved school!  Tatiana began her formal instruction with Prosopon in 2014 writing her first icon of Archangel Michael at our very first workshop in Maryland.  Having made her first icon for her daughter Anastasia many years ago, she has researched and studied iconography for years and when her children were grown, she began her regular classes.  We are very excited and happy for Tatiana as she has been assisting Vladislav in Kiev at workshops and now, officially, a Prosopon Instructor!  www.prosoponschool.org

The next workshop is May 20–25, 2019 at the Shrine of St. Anthony and we will be writing the icon of the Angel of the Holy Countenance.  Vladislav’s book is now translated to English and at the moment seeking publication in the United States–holding the same title as the icon we will be writing, we all look forward to a signed copy!

In the meantime, we wish all a blessed Mother’s Day!


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