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For us, it is both a learning and spiritual experience.

Matthew 18:20

Several years ago, one of the Friars planted two or three lotus in the pond and look how they’ve grown–lotus spread their roots deep, about four to five feet in the mud where they are nourished by all of the rich nutrients found in the still coolness of their pond.  These beautiful flowers at the […]

Be Still …

Interior Peace.  Interior Calm.  Interior Serenity.    Saint Theresa of Avila calls it “The Interior Castle”, Thich Nhat Hanh states “Silence is essential.”  St. Gregory Palamas mentions “… the grace of the Spirit takes possession of the quiet soul …” and Catherine Doherty simply calls it Poustinia.  The search for God–“Be Still and Know That […]

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Vladislav with Fr. Julio

Vladislav with Fr. Julio               
Oct. 2014 icon workshop